General Terms of Service


Progotop will only be used to promote your Social Network account and will help improve your “look and feel” only.

We DO NOT guarantee that your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee that you will get the followers you pay for.

We do NOT guarantee 100% of our accounts will have a profile picture, full bio and photos uploaded, although we strive to make this the reality for all accounts.

Will not upload any offensive content on the Progotop site, including nudity or any material that is not accepted or appropriate by the social networking community.

Refund Policy

If we are unable to provide the service for reasons such as: “incorrect link, connection failures and updates on social networks, service turned off or disconnected or if more than 30 days pass without receiving the service” you receive a full refund (you can contact us through one of the contact options, indicating order number and email).

Sometimes you are notified that the service is not available or that we have not yet started your service, (after 30 days) you can exchange it for another service or request a refund of the amount paid, via email using Progotop’s technical support.

Links provided by the customer The link or social network link sent by you when you made your payment must not contain restrictions of any kind, it must be public and visible to all, otherwise, if the link you provide us is “private” or has restrictions of country, age, or any other, the service can not be launched in campaign and will be canceled or can not be delivered in the times we estimate.

Once you have paid for our services with us, you must not use any other provider at the same time of your purchase with us or be in any other campaign on any social network, as we cannot guarantee you the correct number of followers / likes in that case. You must not change or remove the link or update usernames or make permanent changes to the link after making your purchase, or make changes once you start receiving results, because you lose your guarantee of any kind with us.

Delivery Times

Progotop does not guarantee the delivery time of any service. We offer our best estimate of when your order will be delivered. This is only an estimate, and Progotop will not refund or cancel processed orders if it believes they are taking too long. The customer accepts that when contracting our services, the time to complete the total amount requested may vary and before we start sending likes / fans / followers / subscribers / visits takes several hours, and once this time has elapsed, you will begin to receive and see progressive and gradual increase in the contracted service. The customer can request technical support via email to expedite the process of your service.

Recharge Policy

At Progotop we try to do our best to make sure that the followers, likes, views, etc., that we deliver, are maintained forever. However, sometimes social networks change the way we interact with them resulting in the removal of our products causing “crashes”. Each Progotop product works a little differently. For example, Instagram followers notoriously drop a couple of times a year in a big “purge,” while Instagram Likes have never experienced drops at all. Progotop customers are not always affected by purges and drops; many of our customers have happily kept what they bought for years without any problems. Unfortunately, “drops” are random and impossible to prevent completely.

If/when crashes occur, Progotop will backfill all orders placed in the last 30 days as soon as possible. Our competitors charge extra for this or do not deliver refills at all.

This is how refills are calculated at Progotop:

(start + purchased) – Actual = top up.

started = The amount of interactions you started with on your oldest order in the last 30 days
purchased = The total amount of interactions you received in the last 30 days
Current = The number of interactions you currently have
refill = The number of interactions we will refill for free.

There are a few more things you should know about refills:

Top-ups are calculated based on the amount of engagements purchased in the last 30 days. These recharges come at a great cost to us (often at a loss), so we cannot continually recharge every customer for every order forever. There is no way to differentiate between followers/likes purchased from us, followers/likes purchased organically or followers/likes purchased from other sites. Therefore, if you experienced a drop, but still have more followers/likes than you started with + what you purchased, there is nothing to recharge. If you have changed your username or link since you placed the order with us, we cannot deliver a reload. When crashes occur, that means the accounts we use no longer exist. It may take a while to get back up and running; as soon as possible means as soon as possible.

Example 1
@MyUser has 150 followers and has purchased 500 three times in the last 30 days. After experiencing a crash, @MyUser has 500 followers. His recharge will be 1150 because: (150 + 1500) – 500 = 1150

Example 2
@TestUsername has 50 followers and has bought 500 twice in the last 30 days. They also buy 1000 followers from another website. After experiencing a drop, @TestUsername has 1,100 followers. Their recharge will be 0 because: (50 + 1000) – 1100 = -50 . They may have experienced a drop, but they still exceed the amount you bought from us, so there is nothing to recharge.

Request a recharge
If you believe you have experienced a drop and are eligible for a recharge, please contact us and you will receive the recharge as soon as possible. We know how important your social profiles are to you and we always do our best to avoid these crashes.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for using Progotop.

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