facebook page like button not showing

The like button does not appear on my facebook page

Getting “likes” on Facebook can be a big problem if you want those numbers to impress people, customers or anyone who visits your page. For businesses, it is even more important to have a large number of “likes” on their Facebook page and posts, as these numbers can help them not only to generate leads, but also to maintain trust and reputation among current and potential customers.

A good number of “likes” on Facebook says a lot about your profile, your business or your Facebook page. If you have more “likes” on your profile, it means that people are more interested in what you do. If you get more “likes” on your business, it means people are more interested in your business. If you get more likes on your Facebook page, it means people like your content.

Facebook users and pages are often confronted with the problem of why my page doesn’t show the like button and that Facebook likes are not displayed on their pages and posts.

The solution

To fix this, you need to change your facebook page settings.

  • Go to the settings options of your Facebook page.
  • Then go to the privacy options
  • Make all options public.
  • Here you can see:

Then the button will be visible to everyone.