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YouTube engagement is absolutely essential to building your community of subscribers. Your most enthusiastic subscribers will see most, if not all, of your new videos, and will often be there to like and dislike them. Engaging with them is very important; you should always try to get feedback directly after uploading a new video.


Comments come into play here. Acknowledging positive and negative reviews can give you insight into what your fanbase wants so that you can act on it. However, what if you don’t have a large enough subscriber base and are just getting started? Then, you must evaluate the option to buy comments, likes, dislike and subscribers from YouTube country.



If you have a YouTube channel and want to make money on social networks, your channel should always be active, 24 hours a day! It is very important to get I like , I don’t like and comment on the videos you add. They provide interaction and are effective in making your channel popular. It is very difficult for visitors to comment on videos.

If you are looking for direct assistance, unfortunately this is not possible. However, people can get lost in your comments and love your diversity.
This way, they can start to catch you. Consequently, the comments will have an indirect positive effect on the process.

No! You don’t need to give passwords or any other details to the buy-and-hold. Because we care about your privacy and your data, we only need the URL of the video. Not your passwords or any other personal information. ProGotop is a 100% legitimate and true service provider.

We guarantee that your comments will be diverse, authentic and as realistic as possible. A regular YouTube PAIIS user will not have the opportunity to discover that you have purchased comments.

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