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With over 300 million active users, it is quite evident that Linked in is one of the fastest growing social networking sites for professionals. Today, it is one of the most important platforms that companies use to network, find employees and, of course, promote themselves.

As is the case with other social media sites, to get noticed on LinkedIn, you must have a good number of connections and followers. This denotes that you or your company are important enough to attract as many connections or followers. That’s why it’s so necessary to boost your LinkedIn followers.


This service is only for Linkedin company pages. If you want followers for a personal profile, apply for Linkedin Connections. On Linkedin, the people who are connected to you are also your followers.
Yes, buying Linkedin followers is perfectly safe for your company page. Since you have absolutely no control over who follows your page and why, Linkedin has no right to punish your page in any way. The only way anyone can tell is that he has bought followers from the company’s Linkedin page if he tells it. Otherwise, it is impossible to distinguish the difference between organic and purchased followers.

99% of our orders proceed within 24 hours of payment. If you don’t see your LinkedIn followers increase, this could be because your account is in private mode. Go to ‘Settings’ and change the option from ‘Private’ to ‘Off’. Then send us an email stating that your profile is in public mode. We will review and begin processing your payment within 24 hours. We promise that you will get the best service as soon as possible.

Absolutely not. Unlike other websites selling Linkedin followers we sell real and excellent quality followers. Your account will only be suspended or closed if it becomes clear that you have used fake social proof and spam in an attempt to increase your performance. That is why it is of utmost importance to focus on quality and authenticity. The exciting thing is that by purchasing the best followers from authentic and active accounts, you are not breaking any of the terms and conditions set by LinkedIn. Therefore, your account will not be suspended or closed.
No, we do not need your LinkedIn account information. We will never ask you for your password and we certainly will not access your account. You should never share your account information with anyone.

Each profile that will follow your company page on Linkedin has a profile photo, name in English, and location in the United States. They have work experience and academic training. Your followers look like any ordinary Linkedin profile, but no one will see them anyway, because the followers of a Linkedin company page are not visible to anyone except the administrator/owner of the page. Only the number of followers on the page is shown, nothing else.

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